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Shipping & Returns

Shipment is insured and, unless otherwise indicated within 2-3 days after payment. The shippingcosts (including handling charges) will be calculated depending on shipping class and country of delivery.

  Country of Delivery
Class Type DE AT, BE, DK, NL, LU CH, FR, GB, IT
P0 Flatrate 3,80 € 7,70 € 9,65 €
P1 Separate 9,65 € 15,11 € 34,02 €
P2 Separate 14,52 € 22,42 € 48,64 €
P3 Separate 29,15 € 44,35 € 92,51 €
P4 Separate 77,89 € 117,46 € 238,73 €
P5 Separate 97,38 € 146,71 € 297,21 €
P6 Separate 6,73 € 10,72 € 25,25 €
P7 Separate 19,40 € n.a. n.a.
P8 Separate 48,64 € n.a. n.a.
P9 Separate 58,39 € n.a. n.a.
P11 Separate 8,68 € 22,42 € 48,64 €

Shipping type Flatrate:
You only pay once the shipping amount listed, no matter how many items you order from this dispatch class.
If the amount of shipping cost of "seperate" shipping types already exceed the amount of "flatrate" shipping costs you may pay the costs of the "seperate" shipping types only and the "flatrate" shipping costs will be dropped.

Shipping type Separate:
You pay the shipping costs per item that you order from this shipping class. See e.g. 2 items, you pay exactly twice.

Cash on delivery
For deliveries to Germany, we also offer payment by COD.
When paying by cash on delivery an additional fee of 11,69 € (incl. VAT) will be paid, which raises the local delivery agent.

When paying by Paypal, we charge an additional fee of 2,0% + 0,40 € + VAT.

Customs duties:
For deliveries to non-EU countries are subject to additional duties and fees.
More information can be found for example in and the import VAT at and especially for Switzerland at
The customs fees are to be borne by the customer. These are usually collected cash on delivery, or furnished to the recipient otherwise by the customs authorities charged.

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